B3 sees education as a way to develop continuously the capital market, companies and the professionals that work in them. This is why we share our specialized knowledge with companies in the sector, with their collaborators and with the general public.

B3 Education is responsible for carrying out this undertaking, which is guided by three main drivers:

  • To boost knowledge of our products and services and support our customers in their strategies.
  • To undertake the management of specialized internal knowledge and to disseminate it among market professionals, researchers, academics and other interested parties.
  • To promote financial education, preparing a society that understands the role of B3 and knows the basic principles of financial planning and investments.

Throughout these more than thirty years of activity, we have developed educational technology and a portfolio of open and customized courses that have instructed more than 90,000 students. We have reached more than 4 million people through financial education initiatives and initiatives to promote knowledge of capital markets.

Another focus is certification for B3’s Operational Qualification Program. See our activity in these areas:

  • Open and in-company courses
    B3 Education has a course agenda that is dedicated to training investors and market professionals, with initiatives structured into six main areas: financial market, equities, derivatives, behavioral finance, fixed income and risk management. As well as off-the-shelf programs, we develop customized solutions in partnership with companies, aiming to meet their particular requirements. There is also a portfolio of free online courses open to the general public.
  • PQO Certification
    The purpose of the Operational Qualification Program (PQO) is to test knowledge formally and establish a continuous program of updates for professionals who work in the markets managed by B3. PQO certification is obligatory for professionals who work in the markets managed by B3 but any market professional can seek the certification, for which testing is administered by B3 Education.
  • Visit the Exchange
    B3 Education holds free guided tours of the building that contains the now-extinct trading floor. Participants get to discover B3, how it works and the markets in which it operates. The visit lasts for two hours and encompasses the screening of a 3D film, a talk, an explanation of the display panel and a visit to the Memory Center - which stores documents of historical interest originating from B3 and the institutions merged into it, such as the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange. For groups of 20 to 60 people there must be advanced notice. For smaller groups, however, there is no need for scheduling and the service is provided in accordance with available places. The service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Find out more at +55 11 2565-6795 and at educacao@b3.com.br.
  • Financial Education
    Another front on which we work is the financial education of the general public. We take part in the National Financial Education Strategy (ENEF), an initiative that the federal government created in 2010 to develop and support actions that help people to make more independent and conscious financial decisions. B3 is a member of ENEF’s National Financial Education Committee, which consists of government organs such as the Central Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, as well as bodies that represent civil society. It is also the mainstay of the Association of Financial Education in Brazil, which is responsible for the implementation of National Strategy. As well as supporting ENEF’s Financial Education Program in Schools and the Financial Education Program for Adults, B3 Education holds a series of free activities at the National Financial Education Week and World Investor Week.
  • Online Training Programs
    For B3, education is the way to continuously develop financial market, companies and the professionals who work in it. Therefore, we share our specialized knowledge with companies in the industry, and with society through various initiatives, including online training programs. Learn more: Training program

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