The Market Arbitration Chamber (or CAM, its acronym in portuguese) was instituted in July 2001 as a corporate governance tool available for listed companies that seek to offer its shareholders a specialized and quick forum for the settlement of disputes, particularly those arising from the application of corporate and capital markets laws.

After the reform of its Arbitration Regulation in 2011, CAM has expanded its scope of action to the management of any conflict between individuals and legal entities, as long as they relate to business law. CAM’s proceedings are focused especially on corporate and capital market disputes.

In addition to combining all the advantages of arbitration, CAM also counts on the institutional support of B3 and a highly specialized body of arbitrators, which makes it a trustworthy and proper environment for the settlement of disputes.

  • Câmara de Arbitragem do Mercado - CAM B3
  • Protocol Hours: Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h.
  • +55 11 2565-6766
  • +55 11 2565-5962