The transition to a low carbon economy aimed at tackling climate change, imposes the need to implement changes in the market.

Several financial instruments have been created to enable the channeling of capital to finance sustainable economic activities, including the Green, Social or Sustainability Bonds.

This thematic bonds are debt instruments issued by companies, governments and multilateral entities that are traded in the capital markets with the purpose of attracting capital to social and environmental related projects.

Brazil is emerging as a destination of special interest for "green" financial investments, for example, due to its productive matrix. The most intended purposes of green bonds are: renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural and water resources management, low carbon agriculture, biodiversity conservation, clean transport and eco-efficient technologies.

This thematic bonds at B3

Since November 2018, the Green, Social or Sustainability Bonds issued at B3 can be identified on Trader’ trading platform. In 2019, the Thematic Bonds issued and identified at B3 totaled BRL5.2 billion, which represents 15 issuances (14 debentures and 1 Mortgage Backed Security – CRI) from 10 companies.

Within the context of B3's strategy, we will promote debates and initiatives to demystify and foster Green, Social or Sustainability Bond issuances locally in partnership with market organizations specialized on the theme.

B3 supports the Green Bond Transparency Platform of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Latin America and the Caribbean region to give greater visibility to Green Bonds registered in Brazil and attract more investors.