DATAWISE is a new service that consolidates data from the markets operated by B3 and organizes it in the form of dashboards. These interactive panels allow consultation of the information that is relevant to your business in an easy, agile and intelligent manner.

See some examples of what you can access with B3’s new analytics tool::

  • Rankings of trading, settlement and custody for the sell side;
  • Information about end customers, such as age, product portfolio and others;
  • Rankings for the buy side;
  • Volatility trading per type of end customer (market sentiment);
  • Market flow for all assets, per type of end customer.



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    Strategic information

    Access a broad range of B3 market information at a single platform, including strategic trading and post-trade data

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    Relevant analyses

    Discover and interpret significant patterns in the data

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    Easy access

    See the dashboards in a web environment, with safe and easy access

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    Specialized support

    Rely on a specialized technical team that will provide all of the necessary support

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    Joint development

    Talk to B3 and contribute towards prioritizing the next dashboards to be developed


Available packages

  • Rankings

    Dashboards disponíveis:

    • Trading ranking
    • Allocation ranking
    • Flow ranking (settlement)
    • Inventory ranking

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  • Operational Qualification Program (PQO)

    Dashboards included in the license:

    • Map of compliance with PQO rules and guidelines
    • Ranking of compliance with specific rules
    • Group of indicators of the specific rules

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  • Liquidity

    Dashboards included in the license

    • Liquidity metrics
    • Cost of liquidity
    • Elasticity and price
    • Message volumes
    • Heat map

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  • Future delivery
    • Inventory
    • Flow
    • Market share
    • Product ranking
    • Investor ranking
    • Securities lending audit trail
    • Volatility trading per investor type
    • Registration data

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