Corporate Actions

This services package is comprised of files that compile data on corporate actions disclosed by B3’s listed companies, including dividend payments, minutes of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, market announcements, notices to shareholders, and other information. These data are structured, standardized and disseminated on UP2DATA.

This service uses machine learning to read, classify and extract relevant data about earnings and disclose them to the market in a structured manner as soon as the news is published by the issuer.

Another benefit of UP2DATA, besides being automated, is the agglutination of issuer’s registration data, following day's actions, day's agenda and the life cycle of each corporate action, allowing to follow up on its history from beginning to end.

The package comprises the following corporate actions:

  • Dividends
  • Dividends for BDRs
  • Interest on own capital
  • Subscription
  • Bonus
  • Profit**
  • Stock split**
  • Reverse split**

** will be delivered in the second phase of the project




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    The delivery of structured data enables your company to replace manual processes with automation, so that you can have more time to serve your customers.

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    Tracking and organizing the history of each action allows a comprehensive view of the disclosures made by companies.

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    Risk reduction

    Safety and quality in curating corporate actions, thus eliminating risks associated with manual processes of identification and data disclosure.

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    Easy to anticipate cash flow provisioning and closely monitor each corporate action from disclosure to payment.

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    Data delivered to the market minutes after being disclosed by issuers.


Further information on the Corporate Actions package can be found in the Taxonomy Catalogue or by phone on +55 11 2565-7908 or email at