Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3)

Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3)

  • The index


    B3’s Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3) was the 4th sustainability index created in the world, in 2005.


    Induce listed companies to adopt best ESG practices and support investors in their decision-making process based in this aspects.

    Eligible assets

    The companies holding the 200 most liquid shares of B3 are invited to participate as eligible. The process presupposes the completion of a questionnaire composed of 7 dimensions: Economic-Financial, General, Environmental, Corporate Governance, Social, Climate Change and Product Nature and up to 40 companies make up the index portfolio (annual term).

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    Currently, the Board of Governors (CISE) is composed of eleven institutions:

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    For investor

    ISE B3 relies on the ISUS11 ETF, managed by Itaú asset management.

    For more information click here or access Itaú Asset Management’s website.

    For companies

    Aiming to induce best ESG practices among its listed companies, B3 offers the opportunity for companies to responding the previous year’s questionnaire without fee to receive a report diagnosis of their performance, in comparison to the performance of the current portfolio.

    The simulation also allows companies to attend investors’ need, in addition to preparing to participate in the ISE B3 process as eligible.

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