The new structure was created considering mainly the use and kind of products or services developed by companies for the purposes below:

  • Provide a clear identification of the companies sectors from the first level of the structure;
  • Permit an overview of the companies that, even though performing different activities, belong to the same production chain or produce related products/services and show similar responses to economic conditions;
  • Facilitate the localization of listed companies´ activity sectors; and
  • Approximate the new classification to the criteria adopted by several institutions in domestic and international financial markets.

For companies classification we have examined the contribution of the products or services for the constitution of the revenue, considering the subsidiaries revenue too.

For Holding Companies we considered the contribution of each sector in the consolidated revenue, as follows:

if one sector represents 2/3 or more of the total revenue, the company is registered in that sector;
if no sector has a significant participation in the revenue, the company is classified as a diversified holding.

The industry classification structure and the companies´ classification will be revised regularly. In case of change in the revenue composition, it will be analyzed if the change is a trend before making the reclassification.

This industry classification structure is not a recommendation of investment. The information received from the public companies are available at our website. Contact your Brokerage Firm for further clarification. It can help you to evaluate the potential risks and benefits related to securities trading.