The B3 communication network (RCB) is a high-performance, high-tech communication network that enables distributors to have direct access to trading and post-trading systems, market data, and B3 Bank systems. Access can be established through different forms, with varying availability, performance and latency, which aim to establish optimized levels of support, management, and maintenance.

Target public

B3's technological infrastructure forms of access are available to market participants, distributors, and ISVs who want to establish a connection for their activities in accordance with their relationship profile with B3. 

  • Support and configuration of connections

    B3 provides support and advice services for installation, equipment configuration and monitoring of the network connection with RCB.

    The package of services offered by B3 includes:

    • Work planning, where technical, operational, and strategic premises will be defined;
    • RCB physical and logical architecture design and recommendation of the network equipment to be acquired;
    • Deployment;
    • Physical installation of network equipment that will receive the link from the operator;
    • Configuration of network equipment;
    • Physical connectivity testing and;
    • Support for connectivity with B3 applications.

    Target public  

    This service can be hired by the negotiation participants and users of the B3 information / Market Data that use and/or want to use RCB as an alternative for connection to the B3 communication network.

  • Support and maintenance of the connection to RCB

    B3 offers a specialized team to troubleshoot connection failures via RCB to electronic negotiation systems, as long as the problem is limited o the network perimeter that borders the RCB.

    This service includes up to eight monthly calls, with up to four hours each.

    Remote technical support of RCB consists of qualified technical teams to solve problems related to access of participants to the B3 technological infrastructure  through RCB, available 24/7.

    This service is limited to the internal infrastructure of the participant, with the CPE (Customer Provided Equipment) connection point installed at the participant’s facilities.

    This package includes the following activities:

    • Direct interaction with the network team of B3;
    • Monitoring, with the carrier, the measures taken in case of problems in communication links;
    • Support and reconfiguration of network equipment that borders the RCB;
    • Diagnostic of connectivity and performance problems and;
    • Evaluation of the connectivity between negotiation stations and RCB.
  • RCB network connection management

    RCB management service provided by B3 consists of technical teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to these specific services, available 24/7, in order to increase availability of systems.

    This package includes the following activities:

    • Availability management and status (online tracking of connectivity and equipment bordering RCB);
    • History of alarms and alerts in case of failures;
    • Traffic volume of operations;
    • Recommendation to upgrade bandwidth and equipment, if such a need is identified;
    • Monitoring of communication links with the carrier and issuance of alerts in the event of unavailability;
    • Availability management of the equipment that borders the RCB;
    • SLA monitoring with the carrier;
    • Reports on the availability and capacity of the communication link and indicators of network equipment and;
    • Recommendation to upgrade bandwidth and equipment, if such a need is identified.

    Target public  

    This service can be used by participants that already use or plan to use the RCB as an alternative connection to the B3 communication network.

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