B3 registers and holds under custody 97% of debentures in Brazil and is the leader in OTC derivative registration.
Currently, the most commonly registered assets are CDB, DI, Fund Units, Debentures and Derivatives.

B3 offers the financial market securities distribution support modules that enable electronic registration of placement, custody, and financial settlement, ensuring more security and transparency. Institutions can carry out operations from primary distribution to trading on the secondary market in a single environment.

They can also register primary distributions of Debentures, Audiovisual Investment Certificates and Fund Units at B3.

All assets registered at B3 are held in book-entry custody through electronic registration in an account opened under the name of the holder. 
Each asset is subject to a specific regulation and has different manners of interest payment, amortization and redemption. That is why B3 adopts exclusive procedures for each security, ensuring the proper treatment for each type of asset.
Operations are integrated with the financial settlement, registration and trading systems. They are processed according to the Delivery Versus Payment concept (DVP).

The institutions using this service can check their balances in real time, block the traded amount in the vendor’s position until financial settlement by the buyer (DVP) and control and settle events such as payment of interest, amortization and bonuses.


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