iMercado is a solution that aims to automatize and standardize information exchange in the post-trade processes between market participants


In Reconciliation Module (File), it’s possible to receive information like assets and derivatives positions, settlement information, margin call and corporate events. This information is provided daily to managers, foundations, custodians and administrators with prior authorization from the intermediary for reconciliation.

In Transactional Module (Message), it’s possible to send and receive real-time information about the executed trade, like gross, net values and brokerage bill, allocations and give-ups, besides making possible pre-mathcing and send and receipt of Nonresident Investor Registration Form.


  • Operational efficiency and flow’s Improvement;
  • Receive information straight from B3;
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduction of operational risks;
  • Cut back costs;
  • Prepare for bigger volumes.

Ways to connect

In Reconciliation Module (File), the connection may be done by extranet or internet, with a two-step authentication, assuring greater security in information access;

In Transactional Module (Message), the connection may be made in three different ways:

  • FIX session:  Widely used Protocol that includes all iMercado’s flow and demand straight connection with B3. For more information, access “B3 Technology Infrastructure Access Manual”, that can be found in “Regulation” and “Regulatory Framework”;
  • API: Available only to Allocation flow, API is an internet solution that uses AWS security protocols that ensure authenticity and makes information exchange safe, and
  • Web Interface: Available to allocation and pre-matching flows.

More information about the connectivity:

 55 11 2565-5996