Operational Qualification Program (PQO) | B3

    Standard rules: compliance with market rules

    PQO’s Standard Rules involve requirements and operational practices that are based on Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) rules and on B3’s self-regulation norms, covering issues such as:

    • suitability;
    • trade and order surveillance;
    • prevention of money laundering activities;
    • information security.

    Guidelines: specialization and complexity of participants’ business

    The PQO Guidelines’ requirements reflect the strategic positioning and complexity of the business and the services provided by the brokerage houses and banks that are active in the markets operated by B3.

    They describe the trading characteristics and operational efficiency that are the basis for granting the Program’s five different Qualification Seals, which vary in accordance with the participants’ specialization: Execution Broker, Retail Broker, Agro Broker, Carrying Broker and Nonresident Investor Broker.