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Check out the DATAWISE contracting steps below and if you have any questions please contact our expert team:

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  • How to Complete a Contract

    The service contract includes specific attachments for each type of DATAWISE module you wish to contract as seen below:

    • Annex I: DATAWISE contract authorization form

    • Annex II: Institution’s representatives’ contacts

    • Annex III: Inclusion and exclusion of users from DATAWISE DASHBOARDS

    • Annex IV: Choice of products to be contracted from DATAWISE DASHBOARDS

    • Annex V: Inclusion and exclusion of users from DATAWISE REPORT

    • Annex VI: Choice of products to be contracted from DATAWISE INSIGHTS

    • Annex VII: Inclusion and exclusion of users from DATAWISE INSIGHTS

  • Documents
  • Commercial Policy

    The DATAWISE Commercial Policy aims to clarify the rules adopted for accessing services to provide analytical data available from DATAWISE.

    If you have any questions about the DATAWISE Commercial Policy, please contact our team by e-mail at

  • System and technical specifications

    All DATAWISE modules (Analytics, Insights and Reports) use the Unified Access Control (CAU) system, whose purpose is to provide a single Identity and Access Management system to facilitate management access and unify their control in a safe environment.

    Learn more about the system used and the technical specifications by reading our DATAWISE Service Manual

  • DATAWISE release steps

    Upon contracting the service you will need to follow a few steps to release and use DATAWISE, which is broken down into different modules (DATAWISE Analytics, Insights and Reports) and two client profiles (internet or extranet).


    - Companies with Internet access: Listed companies, startups and asset managers, among other companies that do not have a VPN or RCB connection with B3, have created users who can access B3’s DATAWISE database.

    - Companies with extranet access: Trading participants (Custody Agents, PN, PNP, etc.) who have a VPN or RCB connection with B3 and choose the extranet profile upon contracting. These participants are entitled to have privileged users who are the institution's users with an administrative role within DATAWISE allowing the creation or deletion of users and linking the product profile to them.

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