Market data platform | B3

B3 real-time market data sends exchange data and news to authorized distributors.

When a distributor acquires the right to become a vendor or sub-vendor, it is entitled to distribute the following data to investors and their customers:


  • Market quotes for:
    • Financial and commodity derivatives;
    • Foreign exchange (spot US dollar) and federal securities (cash or forward and repo and lending transactions) for trades executed on Sisbex.
  • News about the derivatives markets.
  • Quotes for equities trading on the cash, forward and options markets, including companies listed on the Novo Mercado and at Corporate Governance Levels 1 and 2;
  • Indexes (Ibovespa, IGC, ISE and others);
  • Quotes for corporate fixed-income securities, securities lending and trades on the organized OTC Market, including Bovespa Mais e
  • News about the market and the companies listed on the exchange.

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