Product sheet | B3

Cash Settled Crystal Sugar Futures

  • UnderlyingSpecial crystal sugar, with a minimum of 99.7 degrees of polarization, maximum 0.08% moisture, color maximum 150 ICUMSA, maximum 0.07% ash.
    Contract size508 bags weighing 50 net kilogram each (corresponding to 25.4 metric tons).
    QuotationBrazilian Reals per bag to two decimal places.
    Tick sizeBRL0.01.
    Round-lot1 contract.
    Last trading day15th of the contract month.
    Expiration date15th of the contract month. If this is not a business day, the expiration date shall be the following business day.
    Contract monthsFebruary, april, june, september and december.
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement.
    • 100%
      Financial institution
    • 0%
      Institutional investor
    • 0%
    • 0%
      Natural person
    • 0%