FIX.SUITE is a collection of connectivity services that B3 provides to the Brazilian fixed income market. With it, brokers, banks and other institutions authorized to operate in our environment can connect their systems directly to our fixed income platform – Trader.

The solution is based on the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol, an international standard for the digital exchange of messages related to operations. Main benefits:

  • Maximizing operational efficiency with the possibility of reducing or eliminate manuals process.
  • Transparency, risk reduction and scale gain, favoring the Brazilian fixed income market development.

Currently, for FIX.SUITE the following services are available: order routing and the pre-register (Voice launching).

  • Order Routing

    FIX.SUITE allows the order routing of buying and selling offers, providing the market the possibility to automatize trading strategies and processes, bringing more responsiveness and operational efficiency.


    • Easier way to build trading strategies;
    • Standard messages for sending orders;
    • Elimination of manual processes and, consequently, reduction of coasts, risks as well as operational efficiency gain.
  • Pre-register or Voice launching

    FIX.SUITE allows the automation of pre-register for operations of buying and selling, previously carried out over the counter (OTC), for the secondary market of Brazilian fixed income.

    With FIX.SUITE, it is possible to optimize the fulfillment of regulatory rules, which determines that the pre-registration must be done electronically, between specified window time.

    Modalities available:

    Session type Functionalities
    Fund Transfer Voice Allows the manager to register positions transfers between funds, as long as there is a registered intermediary in the system.
    Simple Voice Enables counterparty confirmation (Voice)/ registration.
    Prime Broker Voice Allows the broker to register for both counterparties (intermediation).

How to Hire

The contracting of the service is carried out via the Single Agreement for Access to Technological Infrastructure and B3's Technology Systems and Services.