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SRO - Registration of Insurance Transactions

  • Introduction

    InsurConnect is B3’s insurance operations registration platform intended to address the regulatory requirements approved by the National Private Insurance Council (CNSP) and regulated by the Private Insurance Authority (SUSEP).

  • B3's role
    • B3 acts as the infrastructure provider for the registration of insurance operations by the participants, who must report data such as: policies, endorsements, financial and accounting movements, information on claims, among other operations.
    • The activities focused on the registration of insurance operations are performed by a dedicated and specialized team, with deep knowledge of this market.
    • Its advantages include:
    • Completeness and consistency of the registered operations;
    • Transparency;
    • Data processing in compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD);
      • Reduction of compliance costs for participants;
      • Synergy with the existing financial market infrastructure.
  • How it works
    Check out the steps of the insurance registration process at: Process steps: Insurer, B3 and Susep


    Process steps: Insurer, B3 and Susep

    1.Access to InsurConnect
    2.Registration of insurance transactions
    Means of communication: API, File and Screen.

    Insurance Registration Platform
    3.Monitoring registration transactions
    4.Provision of data to SUSEP and the Participant
    Return Files: Reconciliation files and Monitoring red flags

    5.Provision of information to the regulator

  • Contacts

    Meet the team that will support you!


    The B3 Call Center is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.
    Phone: (+55) 0300-777-1515

    Relationship Team

    Stefano Meggiolaro
    Phone: (+55) (11) 97449-9206

    Claudia de O. Prado Santos
    Phone: (+55) (11) 97452-0307

    Fees and bills

    Team that will support when the subject is about receipts, invoices, among other requests.