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B3´s fixed-income calculator

With CALC, you will have coverage by 90% of the debentures and 100% of the government bonds traded on the Brazilian secondary market, constantly updated and performed by a team of specialists. It is B3 working together with you to provide even more secure and efficient businesses

Try now the best fixed-income pricing tool available on the market


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    Information available

    Unit prices, rates, cash flow projections (presente value and futured value), securitie description, updated nominal value, and duration calculation for 90% of the debentures and 100% of the Government Bonds traded on the secundary Market..

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    DI Calculator

    One of the tools available in the CALC is the DI calculator, which allows calculating the accumulated DI factor between two dates without call limits.

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    The maintenance of the calculations and the inclusion of new securities are done continuously by the B3 specialists. More than 500 private fixed-income securities have been added in the last 12 months..

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    Trust and accuracy

    CALC is ready to respond to the volume of queries your company needs, with 6 decimal places for better calculation accuracy.

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    Internal Sharing

    Within a single subscription it is possible to create as many additional users as needed in the institution and delegate administration activities to specific users.

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    For faster and personalizes queries, we provided an Excel spreadsheet integrated with CALC. The data also can be integrated directly into your company´s system via web service.

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    Specialized Support

    Our support team is available either for technical questions or clarificaion on the calculations and securities available.

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    Open access for non-subscribers

    B3 non-participating companies or individuals,can make 10 daily queries with two decimal places of precision, without the need for login. Making a simple registration, you can perform 5 additional calculation per day, with six decimal places of precision.


Customizes plans at the size of your need

To sign on is very simple and access is released within 24 hours. Know the plans available:

CALC 1.000 CALC 10.000 CALC 100.000 CALC 1000.000
BRL 323.72/month BRL 809.31/month BRL 1,726.53/month BRL 3,237.24/month
Additional calculation:
BRL 0,150 /unidade
Additional calculation:
BRL 0,050 /unidade
Additional calculation:
BRL 0,010 /unidade
Additional calculation:
BRL 0,002 /unidade



Not a B3 customer ? Try CALC

Up to 10 calculation for free, with accuracy of 2 decimal places.

When you register, you have access to more 5 free calculations, with accuracy of 6 decimal places of precision..