Trader | B3


Trader - Bonds is the trading platform that integrates the financial market by combining electronic trading, pre-registration and price consultation services in a single tool. Trader is a solution for the Brazilian market aligned with the best international practices, offering advantages such as price transparency, operational automation and pricing.

  • Information
    With Trader - Bonds, operators can find all the necessary information in a single place. The tool also expedites data availability, which increases operation transparency.
  • Standardization
    The exclusive features provide automation for several processes, from pre-registration to post-trade. This in turn provides standard information on the fixed income market, accelerating trading and data flow.
  • Market Access
    By joining information and trading/registration tools in the same environment, the platform provides agents with easier access to the fixed income market.
  • Integration
    The Brazilian secondary fixed income market is mostly operated by phone. Trader - Bonds respects this characteristic and allows integration of all trades, whether electronic or by phone.