Whistleblower Channel | B3

Note: This is an exclusive channel for reporting misconduct or unethical behavior by B3 employees and representatives.

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To report complaints about participants from the markets managed by B3 (brokerage houses, funds, financial institutions, etc.), please contact BSM directly, by email at denuncia@bsm-bvmf.com.br or by telephone on +55 11 2565 6200.

Ethics and transparency are non-negotiable values at B3

For this reason, and to further expand our space for dialogue, we provide the Alô Compliancechannel, which allows safe and confidential reporting of misconduct or unethical behavior by B3 employees, interns and/or legal representatives regarding non-compliance with the provisions of B3's Code of Conduct and Ethics and/or Bylaws, with legal and regulatory provisions, with B3's internal rules and policies, and the identification of internal fraud occurrences.

Reports can be made anonymously or by naming your identity.

It is very important that as much detail as possible is provided, indicating who, what, where, when and how things happened.

The Alô, Compliance channel may be accessed via the following:

Complaints regarding the quality and integrity of B3's financial statements, the adequacy of transactions with stakeholders, conflicts of interest, among others related to the scope of B3’s activities and its employees may also be made directly to the Company's Audit Committee, by writing to comitedeauditoria@B3.com.br