S_InfSer | B3

    InfoServices: solution offers vehicle information queries, allowing banks to better analyze all credit cycle stages

    In Brazil, a Lien is registered whenever a vehicle is financed. As the leader in the operation of SNG, a system for communicating liens to departments of transportation, and operating Sircof, focused on the registration of vehicle financing contracts, B3 handles an enormous amount of data regarding these transactions on a daily basis, which involve creditors, vehicles and owners, according to strict information security regulations. Through B3’s information and intelligence products, this broad base of information dating back 14 years supports credit granting with information regarding the parties in liens, according to terms of use.

    With InfoServices, institutions can improve all stages of the credit cycle.

    One of the solution’s main features is the versatility of the data, which may be used for multiple purposes, including credit analysis, improved credit models and portfolio verification, among others.