Foresee | B3

Foresee was created for spurring ideas, valuing talent and stimulating creativity. It optimizes solutions that contribute to a market that is ever more dynamic, accessible and efficient.

Rather than just being a composite of initiatives aimed at innovation, Foresee is aligned with B3’s wider strategy and believes, above all, in big ideas. Ideas that leave the drawing board and move the market into the future.

The initiative creates links between talents, entrepreneurs and startups, promoting the technological development of client organizations to B3, their employees and of all of the players involved in the program.

Foresee is structured into three strategic pillars:

  1. Market development: We build and grow our networking through partnerships with institutions, associations and companies, staying close to the innovation market. We open up our markets to entrepreneurs and their new products and services, all the while learning and keeping updated about everything in the world of the innovative.

  2. Internal acculturation: As well as being important for the market, innovation is important for B3: for our products, internal processes and employees. This pillar encompasses our internal initiatives. We aim for everybody to be included in every innovation and, even more, to be part of Foresee.

  3. New opportunities: This involves Foresee initiatives in investments: corporate venturing, with startup accelerators; investments in venture capital funds; and our tech lab.