Tesouro Direto Fees | B3
Applicable contracts
  • Fixed-Rate Treasury 20XX (LTN)
  • Fixed Rate Treasury with biannual interest coupons 20XX (NTN-F)
  • SELIC Treasury 20XX (LFT)
  • IPCA Treasury + 20XX (NTN-B Principal)
  • Treasury IPCA + biannual interest 20XX (NTN-B)

Custody fee

This fee is charged:

  • Every semester (January and July); or
  • Custody events (withdrawl, interest coupons); or
  • Early sell; or
  • At the closing date.

In the case of custody events or early sell, the fee is due on the financial value of the titles involved in the transaction.

Custody fee 0.20% p.a.

In case the amount due is less than BRL 10.00, the fee will be accrued to the next semester, or the closing date, whichever comes first. In the cases of custody events or early sell, the value will be charged regardless of the minimum.