Custody services fees | B3

Maintenance fee

Type of account Type of investor Value
Account without movement or position for more than 60 months Resident and nonresident BRL 3.49 per month as of the 61st month
Account with movement or position of assets Resident Exempt
Nonresident BRL 152.85 per month

Fee on the amount in custody


Amount (BRL millions) Custody fee/year1
From 0 to 0.1 0.0500%
From 0.1 to 0.2 0,0400%
From 0.2 to 0.3 0,0200%
From 0.3 to 1.7 0.0130%
From 1.7 to 17 0.0072%
From 17 to 170 0.0032%
From 170  to 1,700 0.0025%
From 1,700 to 17,000 0.0015%
More than 17,000 0.0005%

1 Calculated on a progressive way (pro rata month), based on the value of the portfolio for each investor, on the last day of the month.

Non resident investors are exempt of this fee.

Investors with positions up to BRL 24,164.73 are exempt of this fee.

Custody transfer fee

Reason for transfer Transfer fee1 Floor

Private sale



Corporate succession

Private loan

Benefit or award programs

Settlement of OTC derivatives or COE

 Pulverized donation2

0.0067% BRL 16.76

Regulatory order

Court order

Collateral for offerings

Subscription to investment clubs or funds

ADR conversion

Unit conversion

Trade allocation failure

Settlement failure

Offering price stabilization

Transfer with change of ownership to assign earnings

Redemption of shares in investment clubs or funds

Transfer for non-resident investors without change of ownership

0.0000% BRL 0.00

1 Charged per protocol, on the transferred financial volume. This amount is calculated based on the average price of the asset on the day prior to the transfer or the last price available for the asset, in case it was not traded the day before.

2 The fee rate and the minimum value for pulverized donation is due, based on the total transfered in a determined month, and not per protocol.

Gold custody

The gold custody fee is determined by the formula below, truncated in two decimal places:



PUd: average price per gram of sopt gold OZ1 on the day;

Qtded : amount in grams of fine gold deposited by the investor on the reference day (minimum of 100g);

UltDia: last day of the reference month.