Listing segments | B3

B3 created Bovespa Mais Nível 2 to contribute to the development of the brazilian equities market. Thought up for companies that want to access the market gradually, this segment seeks to foster the growth of small and medium sized companies via the capital market. The gradual access strategy allows your company to prepare adequately while simultaneously showcasing to the market, thereby increasing your visibility among investors.

Bovespa Mais Nível 2 allows offerings that are smaller than those on the Novo Mercado and which are sufficient to finance your growth project. Companies with equities admitted for trading on Bovespa Mais Nível 2 tend to attract investors seeking a more accentuated business development potential. Equity offerings may be destined towards select investors and they generally have medium to long term return prospects.

The Bovespa Mais Nível 2 segment allows the company to be listed, with preferred and ordinary shares admitted for trading, without there being an offering as the firm has up to seven years to hold the IPO. This is ideal for companies that wish to access the market gradually. You can work on the professionalization of your business with a view to the listing alone and afterwards have more time to hold the public offering. Detaching one moment from the other means access to the market tends to be easier and your company’s preparedness higher.

Companies listed on Bovespa Mais Nível 2 are exempted from the registration fee (a fee B3 charges for the registration of companies) and receive a gradual discount on the listing maintenance fee, being 100% in the first year.

Companies listed on Bovespa Mais Nível 2 commit to a high standard of corporate governance and transparency with the market.