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Individual Income Tax (IRPF): Learn about B3's new partnership with mycapital platform to facilitate Income Tax calculations for your Exchange trades

With the launch of the Investor Logged-in Area in 2021, B3 is always thinking of new ways to make your investment journey easier. So we are pleased to announce the first partnership with a fintech to help individual investors with their Income Tax calculations from Exchange trades.

The partnership with mycapital is integrated into B3 Investor Logged-in Area. Upon your consent, your transactions on B3 will be uploaded automatically and securely for the calculation of Income Tax (IRPF) with generation of the Tax Collection Document (DARF) and Annual Income Tax Return. It should be noted that some trades must be manually inserted into the platform, i.e., trades carried out before the year 2020 or involving derivatives.

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The mycapital platform provides greater convenience to users allowing the generation of Tax Collection Documents (DARFs), checking your position in the portfolio with updated average cost, queries of results and much more.

The mycapital calculator can be used by individual investors, autonomous investment agents, financial advisors, investment managers and accountants. You can also download a mobile app to use the mycapital platform more easily and effectively.

B3’s Investor Logged-in Area and its APIs were created to increasingly facilitate the Brazilian investor’s journey and for the entire ecosystem (fintechs and financial institutions) to offer and leverage their solutions and services for the investment industry. It is B3's role to deliver solutions that facilitate the investor’s day-to-day business, such as this first partnership with mycapital.