UP2DATA ON DEMAND is the online store for B3’s historical trading data created to provide relevant and reliable information to our financial market clients, academic researchers and other stakeholders, thus enriching their databases and ultimately leading to a more accurate analysis.

UP2DATA ON DEMAND is comprised of several packages containing data on the trades carried out at B3 in recent years. These data can be downloaded through a simple online purchase and the data packages consolidate 20 years of history of the markets managed by B3.

Key Differentials

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    Wide coverage

    UP2DATA ON DEMAND provides several data packages enabling you to compile years of historical data from the markets managed by B3.

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    Standardized format

    The data follow a standardized format and can be downloaded through a simple online purchase.

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    Easy to access

    You can download historical data from B3 by choosing the files and period that best meets your needs quickly and easily.

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    Database control and update is done by B3’s expert team with the quality and reliability that you need.

Available Data

UP2DATA ON DEMAND offers more than 50 closed historical data packages containing data on trades, reference price, settlement price, intraday data, instrument register and open positions for options and futures contracts listed on B3, as well as indices, curves, economic and surface volatility indicators. You can find data packages comprising the categories bellow:

  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Interest Rate
  • Indices
  • Yield Curves
  • Economic Indicators
  • Volatility Surface
  • Equity