Commodities Grading and Agricultural Commodities Depositary Fee | B3

Agricultural commodity verification fee

Activities executed by B3

  • Verification and monitoring of the transfer of certified coffee lots between agribusiness depositories;
  • Verification of conformity of certified coffee lots;
  • Initial inspection for the registration of depository units and extraordinary inspections in their range of categories;and
  • Withdrawal of samples of deposited agricultural products.

Verification fee

The verification fee will be calculated based on the following formula:

Txv = (K x 1.4991) + (1,041.71 x D)


Txv = verification fee in BRL;

K = total land round-trip distance in kilometers;

D = number of days spent by the staff on the verification process, counted as from the date of their departure to the date of their arrival in São Paulo.

General Rules

The agricultural commodity verification fee will be charged when B3 is requested to provide one of the above-mentioned services, which shall be submitted by email at

The requesting party will also:

  • Be informed whether the B3 technician needs to travel;
  • Agree to reimburse all accommodation and meals as well as all additional expenses incurred involving travel by air and by land (vehicle hire, fuel and tolls) by the B3 technician;
  • Be informed about the date on which the activity shall occur, based on the avaliability of the B3 team.


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