How it works and what the benefits are | B3

How it works and what the benefits are

Banks, brokerage houses, dealers and other financial institutions request adhesion to B3 Certifica to guarantee to end customers that their financial investments are correctly registered and identified at B3. It means that the investor can access a statement provided at the CEI (Electronic Investor Channel), with information published daily about financial asset positions and trades, with an update on T+1.

 The investor checks whether the investment that is provided via its intermediating institution has the B3 Certifica. With this, B3 officially declares that the investment is secure.

How does B3 Certifica benefit the investor?

With B3 Certifica you can consult the CEI website to see whether your investment has been correctly registered and identified with your CPF/CNPJ taxpayer number. All of this takes place through an online record that can be accessed at any time. Doesn’t your institution have B3 Certifica yet? Ask it to contact B3 for a visit.