Sustainability | B3
  • Sustainability guide

    In its second edition, published in 2016, the “Corporate Sustainability. How to begin, who to involve and what to prioritize” sustainability guide introduces international sustainability indicators proposed by organizations such as: Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE), which is a United Nations initiative (led by UNCTAD, Global Compact, PRI and UNEP-FI); the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), represented here by its Sustainability Working Group; the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI); and Corporate Knights Capital. The preface is signed by Fiona Reynolds, the Managing Director of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

    The new guide has developed on the first edition, published in 2011, but maintained essential features such as a timeline about the sustainable development concept in the business environment, with a recommendation of “13 steps towards sustainability” for listed companies to follow.

  • ISE – Sustainability in the Capital Market

    ISE has matured in its five-year existence (in 2010), encouraged by a broad collaborative process of participation, given that it is the member-companies that contribute to improve its organization. This book, written on the basis of reconstitution of the facts, examining documentation and interviews, registers the main challenges encountered and ISE’s conceptual commitment in the sense of contributing to the development of a new culture among Brazilian companies, based on practices benefiting sustainability.

  • The Value of ISE - Main Studies and Investor Perspective

    In 2010, when strategic goals were defined for the ISE over a five-year timeframe, the ISE’s Deliberative Board (CISE), B3 and Gvces committed themselves to work on raising the number of companies participating in this process, increasing the volume of invested funds and products linked to the index, and turning it into a benchmark for sustainable and responsible investments, among other commitments. These goals were defined based on a series of discussions with the key ISE stakeholders and, in order to reach such goals, B3 ordered this study to expand corporate participation and enhance investor engagement.

    This study has been prepared with the aim of bringing together the main research lines that seek to identify and convey the value of participating in initiatives like the ISE. This document is structured on three major fronts. On the first front, we conducted a survey to collect the main data on SRI trends in the two largest market niches: Europe and the United States, besides results from an MIT research study conducted among executives on the value of sustainability in the current market. Next, we carried out a non-exhaustive survey on academic studies that seek to identify the intangible and tangible gains achieved by companies through their participation in the ISE or related initiatives. Finally, we present the results of a survey done with major Brazilian pension funds aimed at investigating the knowledge of the ISE and how it could be used in their analysis and decision-making process.