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  • For 50 years with the market, for the future.

    Ibovespa is the main performance indicator of the stocks traded in B3 and lists major companies in the Brazilian capital market. It was created in 1968 and, over the last 50 years, has set a benchmark for investors around the world.

    Ibovespa is reassessed every four months and results from a theoretical portfolio of stocks. It is comprised of stocks and units of companies listed on B3 that meet the criteria described in its methodology, accounting for about 80% of the number of trades and the financial volume of our capital markets.

    Methodology Construction

    Universe Shares and units representing shares.
    Selection Criteria Being amongst the eligible stocks that account for 85% in descending order by individual tradability ratio (IN); Traded in 95% of the trading sessions; 0,1% of the value traded on the cash equity market (round lots); and do not be a penny stock.
    Weighting scheme  market value of free float.
    Type of Return Total (BRL)
    Reconstitution Quartely (jan, may, sep)
  • You can invest in Ibovespa through the following products:

    • ETF - Stock
    • Ibovespa Futures Contract
    • Mini Ibovespa Futures Contract
    • Options on the Ibovespa
    • Mini Ibovespa Rollover
    • Ibovespa Rollover
    • Flexible Options of Ibovespa
    • Flexible Options of BOVA11

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