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B3 Agribusiness Index (IAGRO B3)

  • Presentation

    The B3 Agribusiness Index (IAGRO B3) is created from a theoretical portfolio of assets that is drawn up in accordance with the criteria established in this methodology. This is an initiative to meet market participants’ demand for sectorial indices. It allows indicators to be created that have an exposure to agribusiness.


    The purpose of IAGRO B3 is to be the average performance indicator for the equities of listed companies that fall under the Agribusiness classification.

    Index Type

    The IAGRO B3 is a total return index (see the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices)

    Eligible stocks

    AGRO-FFS B3 is comprised of equities and units exclusively from companies that are listed on B3 and that meet the criteria described below.

    BDRs and assets in companies undergoing court-supervised or out-of-court reorganization, in temporary special administration, undergoing restructuring or which are traded in any other special listing situation, are not included as eligible (see the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices, in item Special Practices).