Brazil Commodities Index (ICB) | B3

Brazil Commodities Index (ICB)

  • Presentation
    The ICB is is compiled as a weighted average of a theoretical portfolio of depositary receipts pursuant to criteria set forth in this methodology.

    It is intended that the ICB will serve as a reference or benchmark for mutual funds, treasury, portfolio managers and other investors can assess the performance of their business with commodities and compare them to the performance of other assets or investments. Several studies show the benefits of diversification of assets in an investment portfolio, because it allows risk reduction without affecting the total return of the portfolio.

    Index type
    The ICB is a total return index.

    Eligible assets
    The ICB is composed of any commodities - agricultural, livestock, forestry, metals and energy - of a futures contract on the B3, which are traded the following items: anhydrous ethanol, crystal sugar, live cattle, arabica coffee, hydrated ethanol, corn, gold and soybeans.