Unsponsored BDR Index-GLOBAL (BDRX) | B3

Unsponsored BDR Index-GLOBAL (BDRX)

  • Presentation
    The Unsponsored BDR Index-GLOBAL (BDRX) is compiled as a weighted average of a theoretical portfolio of depositary receipts pursuant to criteria set forth in this methodology.

    The indices compiled by B3 adopt concepts and practices set forth in the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices.

    The BDRX is designed to measure average performance tracking changes in the prices of Unsponsored Brazilian Depositary Receipts authorized for trading on B3, which meet the membership requirements set forth herein.

    Index type
    The BDRX is a total return index (see the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices).

    Eligible stocks
    The BDRX is composed of Unsponsored BDRs which trade on B3 with market maker liquidity provision.