Indices governance | B3

Indices governance

We develop and manage indices that have been a benchmark in the financial market for over 50 years. These indices adopt governance criteria that ensure the highest standards of quality, robustness and transparency.

We have internal policies and procedures that reflect our commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest, while ensuring the integrity of indices and the security of information. We also have a Whistleblower Channel that can be accessed confidentially by anyone.

Next, you will learn about how the indices governance process is managed both internally and in our relationship with the market.

Conflict of interest

The prevention of conflicts of interest is set forth in our Code of Conduct and in the Policy On Related Party Transactions and Other Conflict of Interest Situations. In order to avoid such conflicts from arising, teams dedicated to operating the indices are separated from the sales areas and from development areas. Another measure taken is the disclosure of transactions with stakeholders through explanatory notes contained in B3’s financial statements.

Indices benchmark integrity

We define and document processes related to the implementation, exclusion, creation, change and update of the indices managed by B3. The controls are defined by the areas in charge of implementing the processes in order to mitigate eventual operational errors. We also adopted a validation cycle of systemic parameterization for updating the calculation of indices.

Complaint mechanism

We continually train our teams on ethical conduct and provide our clients and other stakeholders with mechanisms to report facts and complaints through our communication channels. We also have a Whistleblower Channel that can be accessed with or without identification. All complaints received are dealt with and investigated in accordance with the Whistleblower and Fraud Processing Rule and forwarded to the Code of Conduct Committee.

Data security

We have a normative framework for data security in place, which is composed of policies, rules and procedures that preserve the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data that make up the systems and processes for indices management. This framework is regulated by B3’s Information Security Policy .