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Diversity Index (IDIVERSA B3)

  • Presentation

    In our role as a promoter of good practices and advances in the financial market, we are proud to highlight diversity as an investment thesis. IDIVERSA B3 is a theoretical stock portfolio drafted in accordance with procedures and rules contained in the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices.


    The objective of the IDIVERSA B3 is to be the average performance indicator of the shares of listed companies that stand out in the diversity criterion, based on the Diversity Score, developed by B3.

    Index Type

    IDIVERSA B3 is a full return index (see the Concepts and Practices Manual for B3 Indices, item 1.2: Definitions, Full Return Index) with reinvestment in the portfolio.

    Eligible Stocks

    IDIVERSA B3 is made up of stocks and units exclusively of companies listed on B3 that meet the inclusion criteria described on this page.

    This universe does not include BDRs or stocks issued by companies involved in court-supervised or out-of-court reorganization, special temporary administration or intervention proceedings, or whose stocks are traded under any other special listing status (see the Manual of Concepts and Practices for B3 Indices, item 3.2: Special Procedures, Companies under special status)