B3 launches high-density racks at its Data Center | B3


B3 launches high-density racks at its Data Center

The new product is part of B3’s co-location services, which allow installation of infrastructure to operate at extremely low latency


São Paulo, April 19, 2021 – Today B3 begins providing the market with high-density racks that have an energy capacity 2.5 times greater than what was provided previously at its high-technology data center at Santana do Parnaíba (São Paulo, Brazil).

The high-density racks have a dedicated space, with each rack guaranteed 15kW of energy. They will also have the same privileged access to B3’s PUMA Trading System and will be qualified to receive high energy consumption equipment that requires a reliable environment in terms of electricity supply and heat dissipation in order to operate properly.

The delivery of energy into a smaller space enables growth and scalability of business for companies that deal with high-frequency electronic trading.

“We are bringing a premium service to the market. It will allow complex and sophisticated electronic trading structures to operate more efficiently”, said Alexandre Jahnecke, B3’s Head of IT Products Development. “Technology advances have revealed a very high level of maturity in some client segments which operate in a completely digitized way, with state-of-the-art equipment, and whose prior energy arrangement could have been a limiting factor. Our new racks will fit like a glove for these clients,” he added.

Over this and next year, B3 will also increase the supply of standard racks, with 6 kW capacity.