Liens and encumbrances | B3

The B3´s CSD and TR provides participants with the necessary infrastructure for registering liens and encumbrances on collateral assets. This procedure allows effective blocking on those assets and enabling correct disclosure of blocked positions.

This service is provided through the Liens and Encumbrances System (SOG) platforms for Listed assets and Novo Mercado (Cetip/NoMe) for OTC assets, which offer the functionalities of constitution, amendment, termination and execution of liens and encumbrances.

Currently, the constitution of the following types of liens and encumbrances are allowed:

  • Fiduciary Ownership Transfer
  • Pledge
  • Usufruct – for listed assets.



B3 makes available to the market a platform for issuing certificates proving the blocking of positions and the formalization of guarantees, through the constitution of liens and encumbrances on financial assets, securities and OTC derivatives without CCP.

B3 Participants of the OTC Market will be able to view those Certificates directly on the NoMe platform. For more information contact the Depositary and Counter Operations Department at +55 11 2565-5041 or email