Public Distribution Offers Fees | B3

Analysis fee and distribution fee

Services package Analysis fee Distribution fee
Value1 Floor
1 - Standard BRL 67,264.13 0.035% BRL 60,537.37
2 - Customized BRL 67,264.13 0.035% BRL 672,651.65

1 On the value of the offering settled.

Incentive policies

  • Analysis fee and distribution fee exemption
  • There will be no charge of the analysis fee and the distribution fee for companies that cumulatively:
    • List on the access segments;
    • Hold a public distribution offering using the simplified services package;
    • Have, at the date of the public offering, market cap of less than BRL 700 millions;
    • Have calculated in a consolidated balance sheet, in the immediately previous year, gross annual revenue of less than BRL 500 millions.