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Registered participants


Legally constituted corporations and investment funds, which have obtained the respective authorizations required by the prevailing legislation for the issue of securities that are the object of registration or safekeeping, are eligible to request that issuers be registered for the registration and maintenance of their securities. For acceptance into B3’s registration and centralized safekeeping, securities must be issued in accordance> with the prevailing legislation and contain the necessary characteristics for their admission, as set forth in applicable law and regulations.


Any institution correctly authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil to provide asset registrar services, pursuant to the prevailing legislation, may register as a registrar.

Settlement agent

Any financial institution correctly authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, with a Bank Reserve account or Settlement account, pursuant to the prevailing legislation, may register as a settlement agent.

Agribusiness depositary

Entities may register as agribusiness depositary if they: (i) Are entities with proven experience and technical-operational qualification; (ii) Have proven financial probity; (iii) Have proven storage capacity with appropriate technical conditions, as well as machinery and equipment that are specific to the product that they wish to store; (iv) Have a strategic location in relation to the production, consumer and export regions; and (v) If general storage, are duly registered with the State Trade Board and designate the individual responsible as depositary.

Gold depositary

Entities that have obtained authorization from the competent authorities to operate and exercise activity for the purposes of this access manual and of the other B3 rules related to it are eligible to request accreditation authorization for activity as a gold depositary.

Gold refiner

The institutions that are eligible to request registration as a gold refiner are those: (i) Authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil or which have a letter of recommendation from the Central Bank of Brazil; and/or (ii) Work in the production and certification of gold bars with at least three (3) years of experience, being able to guarantee the purity of the metal before it goes to a gold depositary and, additionally, have a letter of recommendation from government organizations or commercial banks of renown.

Selic participant

The Selic participant is registered to execute custody of federal government securities pursuant to the provisions of specific rules of Central Bank of Brazil-SELIC. The registration request must be formalized through the form “Selic Participant Adhesion Term”, duly filled out and signed, together with the other specific documents available on the B3 website.

Investiment Club Administrator

The investment club administrator is the registered participant responsible for the registration and maintenance of the investment clubs’ information with B3, pursuant to the prevailing regulations.

Guarantee Issuing Bank

Banking institutions that are authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil are eligible to request authorization for accreditation to operate as a guarantee issuing bank.

Agricultural Commodity Grading Supervisor

The agricultural commodity grading supervisor provides auxiliary services to the clearinghouse’s activity, namely analysis of produce and certification of compliance with the specific characteristics of the derivatives contracts.


Registration of the investor and all of the registration updates are executed at BM&FBOVESPA by the full trading participant, settlement participant, trading participant, custody agent or registration participant responsible for it, as the case may be, pursuant to the provisions of B3’s rules and manuals and to the prevailing legislation and regulations.

Real Estate Lenders (CCI)

The real estate lender is a participant registered in the registration environment for real estate credit notes, as set forth in the “Manual do Produto – CCI”, a document that complements the “Regulamento de Registro de Ativos e Operações do Mercado de Balcão Organizado da B3”. The real estate lender receives information from the registration participant that it contracts, about the registration of its real estate credit notes provided via the B3 website.

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