Brazil Index 50 Futures | B3

Brazil Index 50 Futures

  • The Brazil Index 50 (IBrX 50) has aimed to be the average performance index of the prices of 50 assets of the negotiability and representativeness of the stock market. It consists of the shares and the units exclusively of companies listed on B3, and are not included in this index BDRs and companies active in judicial recovery, special arrangements for temporary administration, intervention or assets that are traded in any other situation special listing.

    The Brazil Index 50 (IBrX 50) is composed of stocks selected by liquidity criteria and weighted by the market value of the free float, reflecting the variations of assets over its lifetime. The index was constructed to be used as a performance benchmark for the market, investors and portfolio managers.

    The Futures Contract IBrX 50 enables the market to negotiate the future expectations of the stock market without the need for the purchase of the entire basket of shares that make up the index and be exposed to the indicator variation.

  • UnderlyingBrazil Index 50 (IBrX 50).
    Contract sizeBrazil Index 50 futures contract multiplied by the index point value in Brazilian Reals, each point BRL10.00.
    QuotationIndex points.
    Tick size1 index point.
    Round-lot1 contract.
    Last trading day1st business day of the contract month.
    Expiration date1st business day of the contract month.
    Contract monthsAll months.
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement.