BVMF FTSE/JSE Top40 Futures Contract | B3

BVMF FTSE/JSE Top40 Futures Contract

  • UnderlyingFTSE/JSE Top40 Index.
    Contract sizeBVMF FTSE/JSE Top40 Index Futures Contract multiplied by the index point value in Brazilian Reals, each point BRL0.40.
    QuotationBVMF FTSE/JSE Top40 Futures Contract points.
    Tick size1 index point.
    Round-lot1 contract.
    Last trading dayLast trading day preceding the expiration date.
    Expiration date3rd Thursday of the contract month. If this day is a non-trading day on the exchange, the expiration date will be on the following business day established by JSE.
    Contract monthsMay, june, september and december.
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement.