Single Stock and Units Futures Contract | B3

Single Stock and Units Futures Contract

  • The Single Stock and Units Futures Contract enables trading the forecast on the future price of a given stock without the need to buy it and be exposed to its fluctuation. The product is intended to meet the demand of investors seeking opportunities for new trading strategies.

  • UnderlyingStocks and units
    TickerAAAAYZXX – (AAAA) Company code, (Y) type/class of shares, (Z) contract month and (XX) contract year

    Examples: PETRPM19: PETR4 (PN) Futures June 2019
    VALEOU19: VALE3 (ON) Futures September 2019
    SANBIZ19: SANB11 (Unit) Futures December 2019
    Contract size1 share
    QuotationIn points, each point value = BRL 1.00
    Tick sizeBRL 0.01
    Round-lot100 contracts
    Last trading day3rd Friday in the contract month.
    Expiration date3rd Friday in the contract month. If there is no trading session on this day, expiration will occur on the immediately prior date on which there is a trading session
    Contract monthsAll months
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement
    • Low capital investment: In order to operate Single Stock and Units Futures, it is not necessary to have the asset amount, only the collateral. 
    • Leverage: An investor can use leverage to be positioned on stocks with a smaller cash outlay
    • Hedging: An investor can use Single Stock Futures and Units to hedge a cash market porfolio
    • Opportunities for new strategies: Day-trade, cash and carry, short-selling, spot/futures market arbitrage, and pair trading.
    • Enables structured transactions with options