Argentine Peso Futures (BRL Pairs) | B3

Argentine Peso Futures (BRL Pairs)

  • The Brazilian Real Futures Contract per Argentine Peso may serve to protect or speculate on the currency price at a future date, as well as to investors who, for example, have receivables in Argentine Peso, or exposure to liabilities payments in the currency at future dates and even to trade on the currency trend in the future and thus make a profit.

  • UnderlyingThe exchange rate of Brazilian Reals (BRL) per Argentine Peso (ARS).
    Contract sizeARS 150,000.00
    QuotationBRL per ARS 1,000.00, to one decimal place
    Tick sizeBRL 0.10 per ARS 1,000.00.
    Round-lot1 contract
    Last trading dayLast trading day preceding the expiration date.
    Expiration date1st business day of the contract month.
    Contract monthsAll months.
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement.
    • Protects the investor against price swings (hedging).
    • Enables position leverage.
    • Price transparency in electronic platform trades.