DI x IPCA Spread Futures | B3

DI x IPCA Spread Futures

  • UnderlyingInterest rate obtained from the calculation of the difference between the compounded DI rate, in the period between the date of transaction, including, and the expiration date, excluding, and the IPCA variation verified in the period as of the transaction date until and including the expiration date.
    Contract sizeUnit price (PU) multiplied by the Brazilian Reals value of each point, with the value of each point being BRL0.00025, multiplied by the pro rata value of the IPCA.
    QuotationExponential Interest rates, expressed in per annum (based on 252 business days), to three decimal places.
    Tick size0.01%.
    Round-lot1 contract.
    Last trading dayLast trading day preceding the expiration date.
    Expiration date15th calendar day of the contract month. If this day is not a trading day, the expiration date will be on the following trading day.
    Contract monthsAll months.
    Settlement on expirationCash settlement.