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Co-location Services

Discover below the Co-location services offered by B3.

Some advantages of being at Co-location B3:

  • Guaranteed smallest latency to the PUMA Trading System B3;
  • High Standard Physical Security;
  • Staging Area;

Offered services:


  • Rack.png


    Several types of racks, with different purposes and access profiles.

  • Cross connection.png

    Cross Connections

    Cross connection services between racks of different clients at our Co-location.

  • VPN.png


    Additional VPN services and VPN upgrades, up to 2 Mbps.

  • Smart hands.png

    Smart Hands

    It is possible to hire additional hours for the Smart Hands Service.

  • Servicos especializados.png

    Specialized Services

    Specialized services of Network Design and Implementation, Equipment Lease for Connectivity Testing and Equipment Transport.

  • Antena GPS.png

    GPS Antenna

    Rental of space on the roof of B3 Data Center for the installation of GPS antennas, to receive the feed and for service distribution related to clock synchronization.


To learn more about the Co-location Services at B3's Data Center, contact B3 by phone (+55) 11 2565-5996 or by email

For technical doubts, contact our Co-location team by phone (+55) 11 2565-5140, by WhatsApp (+55 11) 99151-4402 or by email

For doubts in the contracting process or in B3 Service Portal, contact our Services Contracting team by phone (+55) 11 2565-5084, by WhatsApp (+55 11) 99151-4402 or by email