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FIX Order Entry

FIX Order Entry is the order management interface for the PUMA Trading System, based on FIX 4.4 protocol. 


  • Message model common to all markets traded on the PUMA Trading System.
  • Lower latency in order processing, with a sub-millisecond standard deviation.
  • All trading platform functionalities available via messaging.
  • Easier to build trading strategies.


Documents containing EntryPoint message specification, rules of engagement, FAQs, a browsable data dictionary, and everything else needed to establish EntryPoint connectivity.

Drop Copy Service

Continuing the technological evolution of the negotiation's message diffusion systems, B3 has developed a new drop copy that allows processing a greater volume of messages and delivering them with lower latency. All this using a simpler operation and infrastructure model.

From an operational point of view, Drop Copy Service simplifies the configuration of rules, which brings us an increase in productivity. It changes the service distribution model by engine group and makes use of a FIX engine with greater processing capacity, which allows us to mitigate risks from a capacity point of view.

As we increase the capacity of the Drop Copy service, we eliminate delays in situations of high message throughput, and allow customers to better manage the distribution of messages in their systems.

This brings to B3 the possibility of delivering a Drop Copy service to its customers, with greater resilience and processing capacity.

Benefits of Drop Copy Service:

  • Simplification of the drop copy operation;
  • Validation of the new FIX engine;
  • Best performance;
  • Increased processing capacity in the drop copy instance;
  • Architecture

    Drop Copy Service gateways have trading core affinity. This affinity allows receiving (Execution Reports) only the predefined trading cores for each gateway. This mapping can be found in GWDC Trading Core Mapping.

    Architecture Drop Copy Service

    Arquitetura DC BMF


    Arquitetura DC BOVESPA


    Architecture Drop Copy Service Sinacor

    Arquitetura BMF Sinacor.JPG


    Arquitetura Bovespa Sinacor.JPG

  • DC mapping by market

    Distribution DRV

    Instância MarketSegment
    DCPDRV01 66 e 72
    DCPDRV02 68, 70, 74, 76, 78

    Distribution EQT

    Instância MarketSegmentID
    DCPEQT01 88
    DCPEQT02 84
    DCPEQT03 86
    DCPEQT04 80, 82 e 96
    DCPEQT05 90, 92 e 94

    Distribution SINACOR DRV

    Instância MarketSegment
    DCPSIDRV01 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78

    Distribution SINACOR EQT

    Instância MarketSegment
    DCPSIEQT01 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96
  • Certification

    Recertification of message receiving scenarios on already certified Drop Copy solutions will not be necessary. However, due to the implementation of the new architecture, in which there is no automatic turn to the high availability instance in case of failure in the primary, the certification of this scenario will be mandatory and must be scheduled in advance with the Trading Support Superintendence by telephone ( 11) 2565-5023 or by email tradingcertification@b3.com.br.

  • IP list

Cancel on disconnect

In the event of an involuntary disconnection of a FIX EntryPoint session for both the BOVESPA segment and for Futures, all open orders are automatically cancelled. This functionality is configurable per session, and available to all access modes. Details on how to use this functionality are available in the Order Submission Interface - Rules specification.

Flux control (Throttling)

B3 strives for the orderly execution of its markets, and for that purpose it enforces a message flow control policy. Messages that violate this policy can be queued (increasing the sense of latency) or immediately rejected. Contact the Trading Support Management (GSN) to learn more about the flow control policy and select your option.