For a more efficient analysis, we created DATAWISE in which we consolidate information from B3 markets and make it available for you access the information you need faster.

Among its differentials we can mention:

  • Reliable data
  • 100% web-based service
  • For internal use only
  • Standard or customized content
  • Critical information for optimal data analysis

B3’s data analysis tool that facilitates trading decision making is now available in two different modules:

  • Format: Interactive panels

  • For behavior analysis of the stocks, derivatives and futures segment, and securities lending, among others
  • Format: xis, txt or pdf files

  • For analysis of asset trading and post-trade data mainly from the OTC market

Thousands of interactions, flows and processes occur daily through B3 systems that generate a high volume of data. To consolidate and enable easy interpretation of data that is relevant to your business, we created DATAWISE.

DATAWISE is a state-of-the-art data analysis tool that provides you with data-driven decision making via dashboards online customized according to your needs.

Integrate market data into your daily trading routine with DATAWISE:

    • Data from the markets served by B3 (stocks, derivatives, futures, and securities lending among others) that are produced and provided via dashboards allowing interaction with filters and historical statistics series. Check out some examples of data that can be accessed via DATAWISE Dashboards:

      • Listed segment trading, settlement and custody rankings
      • Investment level of Brazilian regions organized by city and municipality
      • Specific information regarding each issuer's ticker
      • Trading flow for all assets by final investor type
      • Assessment of your seal ranking against the other participants

    And much more. Click here to learn about the DATAWISE packages available


    Availability of files with data on markets served by B3 (OTC derivatives, fixed income, etc) in a private repository containing the following:

    • Report with Derivatives rankings (Swap, Forward and Options) and Fixed Income
    • Database with new records (movements), trades (secondary market) and stock of Derivatives, CDB, LF, LCA, LCI, Debentures, and other OTC instruments
    • Possibility of file customization

    And much more. Click here to learn about the DATAWISE packages available

Learn about the benefits of DATAWISE for your business:

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    Strategic data

    Interactive reports or dashboards with a high volume of data on the markets served by B3

  • ic-analises-relevantes.png

    Relevant analysis

    Discover and learn how to interpret relevant DATAWISE data patterns that may help you create the right strategies for your business

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    Easy access

    View the DATAWISE content in a web-based, safe and intuitive environment anywhere

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    Expert support

    Our team of experts is ready to provide you support if you need help with DATAWISE or have any questions

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    Joint development

    Talk to B3 and help improve and develop the DATAWISE products

DATAWISE in numbers

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  • Files available monthly via DATAWISE Reports

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  • Interactive data analysis dashboards via DATAWISE Analytics and DATAWISE Insights


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