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The topics selected below can help you with questions about DATAWISE. For further information, please contact B3 commercial support at produtosdedados@b3.com.br .

  • What is DATAWISE?

    DATAWISE is a service that consolidates data from the markets served by B3 and from external sources to query relevant information for your business in easy, quick and inteligente way.

  • What packages are available
    • DATAWISE Dashboard is a website from which users can view consolidated stock market data through dashboards or interactive panels that allow querying relevant information for your business in an easy, quick and intelligent way;
    • DATAWISE Reports is a website containing analytical trading and post-trade data on OTC assets
  • Can I disclose DATAWISE data to people outside the contracting company?

    No, the data contained in DATAWISE is for exclusive use in internal activities.

  • What is CAU?

    The Unified Access Control (CAU) system is used by DATAWISE to manage the products available (DATAWISE Dashboards, DATAWISE Insights and DATAWISE Reports) and contracted users.

  • What is the classification of companies in the DATAWISE (internet and Extranet)?
    • Internet: Listed companies, startups and asset managers, among other companies that do not have a VPN or RCB connection with B3, have created users who can access B3’s DATAWISE database.

    • Extranet: Trading participants (Custody Agents, PN, PNP, etc.) who have a VPN or RCB connection with B3 and choose the extranet profile upon contracting. These participants are entitled to have privileged users who are the institution's users with an administrative role within DATAWISE allowing the creation or deletion of users and linking the product profile to them.

  • Who benefits from CAU?

    Companies with an extranet profile, i.e., banks and brokerage houses using a VPN or RCB connection with B3 that choose to have an administrative profile within the CAU system have at least one privileged user. The user in this profile is the company responsible for managing the institution's users (creation or exclusion) and DATAWISE product profiles.

  • Can the CAU system’s privileged user link the profile to the user itself or to other privileged users?

    No, only B3 can link the profile to the institution's privileged users.

  • How does access for conglomerate institutions work?

    Access to the DATAWISE product is done via CAU when the companies are extranets, the privileged of the companies act by provisioning the registration in the CAU. In the case of internet companies, B3 is responsible for the registration.

    This registration situation of CAU works for conglomerates in the sense that, if it is a Brazilian extranet company, the participation in the registration is the responsibility of the participant and its affiliates, whether local or global. If it is an internet company, the registration is done by B3, be it the local or global conglomerate.

    Thus, the registration itself does not change because it is a global or local company, however, regardless of whether it is a conglomerate or not, there are three licenses for each contract. 3 for DATAWISE Dashboards, 3 for DATAWISE Insights and unlimited for DATAWISE Reports

  • How does service release work?

    The release of the service depends on the profile of the contracting company (internet and extranet), in which for internet companies the release is made exclusively by B3, while for extranets there is the action of B3 and the privileged user. For more information about the release, please access the DATAWISE release stage item on the tab.

  • How do I change the users who can have access to DATAWISE products?

    In DATAWISE there are specific annexes for user modifications and to modify them, simply fill in the attachment by selecting the option you would like (inclusion or exclusion) and sending it to the hiring team at the email contratacao@b3.com.br. The following is the direction of these attachments by DATAWISE module:

    • Annex III: corresponds to the DATAWISE Dashboard module
    • Annex V: corresponds to the DATAWISE Reports module
    • Annex VII: corresponds to the DATAWISE Insights module

    It is important to point out that for extranet contractors of the Reports module, there is no need to fill in Annex V unless the user who wants to change is one of the privileged of the institution. The administration of the other users is done exclusively by the privileged user.



  • What are the available products?

    In the available packages and manuals tab, you can find at the bottom of the page all the dashboards available for contracting and downloading the manuals where you will find further details about the content, layout and metrics of each dashboard.

  • How are DATAWISE Analytics and DATAWISE Insights charged?

    DATAWISE Dashboard prices can be viewed in the Commercial Policy and the charge is made for packages of dashboards or single dashboards.

    It should be noted that DATAWISE Dashboard is free of charge until December 31st, 2022 according to the Circular Letter that can be accessed by this link.


  • In what formats are the reports available?

    The available report formats are: Market Report whereby files can be provided in PDF or XLSX format or Data Report whereby files can be provided in XLSX or TXT format. For further information about the reports, see the available packages and manuals tab.

  • What are the available reports?

    In the available packages and manuals tab, you can view at the bottom of the page all the dashboards available for contracting and downloading the manuals where you will find further details about the content and layout of each dashboard.

  • What is the role of the master user?

    The master user is responsible for assigning the roles of “Buyer”, “Viewer” or “None” to the institution's users within the DATAWISE Reports platform.

  • What is the role of users with buyer permission?

    Buyers are users responsible for buying the institution's reports and for releasing the reports to the company's users, besides being able to view files and download reports.

  • What is the role of users with viewer permission?

    Viewers can view files and download reports.

  • What is the difference between a master user and a privileged user?

    The master user is responsible for managing permissions within the DATAWISE Report, while the privileged user is responsible for managing profiles and users in the CAU system.

  • How can a user buy a report within DATAWISE Reports?

    The buyer user will have the products tab available and it will display the available reports containing the prices at which users can buy them. If you wish to view a report that is not available on the page, please contact us at produtosdedados@b3.com.br.

  • What profiles are available in DATAWISE Reports

    In Reports we have two profile options that can be linked to the user after contracting the service:

    • DATAWISE_REPORT-EXT-COMUM profile to access the file download tab, which is the tab where you will have access to the product within the platform
    • DATAWISE_REPORT-EXT-MASTER profile to control “Buyer” and “Viewer” permissions within the platform;

    Caso queira ter acesso ao produto como o papel administrativo deve se atrelar os dois perfis mencionados acima.

  • What tabs are available for each user?
    • The administration tab: will only be available for users with the master profile and it allows the user to give “Buyer” or “Viewer” permission to users of the institution. It is worth noting that if the user only has the master profile, he will not be able to access the downloads tab, which gives access to the product.
    • The download tab: The files that the buyer user has released for that particular user are displayed on this tab so that the download can be performed
    • The Products Tab: Buying users can view existing products, product examples, and purchase new products.
  • Is there a user limit on the DATAWISE Report?

    Access to the Reports platform is the institution's own administration and responsibility, so if the institution wants to obtain more users for:

    • Extranet companies must contact the privileged user and ask him to create and link the DATAWISE Reports profiles (Master and/or Common) on the CAU portal
    • Internet companies must complete Annex V, indicate the DATAWISE Reports profiles (Master and/or Common) that they wish to have linked to their user and send the document to contratacao@b3.com.br.