FAQ | B3

The topics below may help you with some common questions about B3 Market Data.

  • What’s B3 Market Data

    B3 Market Data is a data distribution service performed through the UNIFIED MARKET DATA FEED (“UMDF”) platform in which data can be distributed in real time or with delay (15 minutes). There are two levels of depth for the information: L1 including only information from the top of the trading book or L2 with the entire book. The segments that can be distributed are BMF segment (Derivatives and Spot US Dollar) and BOVESPA segment (Equities and Corporate Fixed Income).

  • What is the available data on B3 Market Data segments?

    The data that is available in B3 Market Data are:


    Equities and Corporate Fixed Income


    Derivatives and Spot US Dollar
    • Quotations for instruments trading on the cash, forward and options markets (Equities, BDRs, ETFs, Listed Funds, among others).
    • Indices (Ibovespa, IBrX 50, IBrX 100 and others).
    • Quotations for corporate fixed income securities
    • News about the market and the COMPANIES LISTED on B3
    • Market quotations:
      - Financial and commodity derivatives.
      Spot US Dollar and government bonds (cash or forward and repo and lending transactions).
    • News about the derivatives markets.
  • How do I know my B3 Market Data usage profile?

    By checking the type of access, data distribution time and desired segments, as shown in the table below:

    Acess to Market Data Time of data distribution Available segments
    Direct: Directly connected to the B3 structure Real time: While negotiations are taking place Bovespa: equities and corporate fixed income
    Indirect: Access to B3 Market Data through one of our Market Data distributors Delay: With a delay of up to 15 minutes regarding the time in which negotiations take place BMF: Derivatives and Spot US Dollar
  • What should I do to connect directly to B3 Market Data?

    To get direct access to B3 Market Data is necessary:

    • Connect to B3’s infrastructure through RCB (B3 Communication Network) and contract a dedicated link with one of the operators approved by B3, that can be found at this link.
    • Sign B3 Market Data distribution agreement for real-time quotes, which contains fixed and variable fees as stated in our Market Data Commercial Policy.
  • What should I do to have indirect access to B3 Market Data?

    Sign B3 Market Data distribution agreement and get in touch with one of our authorized distributors so they can give you a quote for obtaining the data you need.

    Some of our authorized distributors can be found through the link below:

  • When should I sign Market Data distribution agreement with B3?

    The agreement must be signed when there is access to raw data from B3 Market Data in real-time or with a delay of up to 15 minutes (delay) through direct access (through B3) or indirect access (through authorized distributors) and distributes the data internally (for company employees) or externally (customers outside the company).

  • Are the values present in the Commercial Policy monthly or annually?

    Each item from price table has the information in its legend if there are monthly or annual fees. Annual fees, however, can be split up into 12 interest-free installments for payment.

  • When fees don't apply?

    End-of-day and historical data from D-1 obtained through the B3 MARKET DATA Platforms may be distributed free of charge by distributors or redistributors without the need for prior authorization from B3.

    It is important to know that B3 offers UP2DATA product to access end-of-day information.

  • When does the fixed fees apply?

    The fixed fees apply to all B3 Market Data distributors. In other words, all those who get access to data in real-time and 15 minutes late and distribute internally or externally. The existing fixed fees are:

    • Fixed Fee for External Distribution when the data is disclosed in a password-controlled environment and opened environments, small media and wallboards to people inside or outside the company under contract (this fee does not include distribution on television channels)
    • Fixed fee for the delay and real-time distribution made exclusively to internal company employees, where distribution to people outside the company is prohibited.
    • Fixed fee for real-time index distribution only
    • Fixed fee for distributing only delay indexes in open or password-controlled environments
    • Fixed fee for delay distribution of only asset loans in password-controlled environments
    • Fixed fee for delay distribution only in open environments such as websites, small media, and wallboards
    • Fixed rate for real-time distribution on websites without access control
    • Fixed fee for distribution on TV channels
  • When does the variable fees apply?

    Variable fees are only applied for real-time data and depend on the distribution level (L1 or L2), access user, and media accessed. All real-time rates are for password-controlled environments.

    It is important to know that, when hiring the product in real-time, a monthly Report must be sent to B3 based on the user's access to the platform, dispensing the formalization of more than one access by the same user in the same period by the same platform (month).

  • How does access to real-time data for user charging for more than one way access (password-controlled environment) works?

    If you have access to two different media at the same time, as long as they are not concomitant, the amount charged will refer to the most expensive way.

  • Does the amount expressed in the variable fee already include the fixed rate?

    No, both rates are applied cumulatively, that is, if you choose real-time data, you will be subject to the fixed fee for the period plus the variable fees for the period of the chosen segment and, if you choose to obtain data from both segments, the amounts of the fees are added together, that is, fees applied to the Bovespa segment plus the fees applied to the BM&F segment.

  • How does the fee and exemption for simulators work?

    In order to encourage the dissemination of knowledge about the behavior and operation of trading platforms, B3 will exempt, upon prior authorization, the variable fee of real-time data distribution for distribution made through trading simulators to new end users by the period of one year to distributors or redistributors who meet the following requirements:

    • Provide its end users with educational material on the functioning of the markets managed by B3;
    • Expressly clarify to end users that this is a market simulator.

    After the one-year exemption, the distributor or redistributor must report the END USERS by SEGMENT and pay the variable fee.