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Terms of use and privacy policy

The terms of use and privacy policy for B3’s portal are based on our commitment to transparency and respect for the privacy and safety of all visitors to this website.

By visiting or using B3’s portal or any of its pages, it is assumed that visitors have read and agreed to all the terms set forth herein.

Our warranties and disclaimers

The content and materials provided on this website are for informational, explanatory and disclosure purposes only, and do not constitute designation, advice and/or recommendation for decision making, nor investment recommendation.

The information provided is obtained from sources understood to be reliable. However, B3 does not guarantee and is not responsible for the timeliness, integrity, accuracy and updating of this website or the information or results obtained from its use, since all information is provided "as is".

Furthermore, B3 is not liable for the content or privacy policies of other websites whose addresses are available on this website and whose address of this website is available to them.

On no account shall B3, its officers, employees and/or brokers be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages and losses, costs or expenses, lost profits, delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions, interruptions, or damages resulting from unauthorized access or misuse of this website.

B3 reserves the right to improve the functionality of this website. However, B3 is not liable under any circumstances for damages and problems arising from equipment failure, data connection and transmission; errors, interruptions, glitches, delay in its operation and refusal of connection; computer bugs, malware, spyware or any other malicious computer software installed on B3’s portal without its knowledge and consent; failures in the telecommunications system or in the internet provider; or possible incompatibility between this website and the users' files or browser.

How we treat the information collected

The information requested by B3 is the minimum necessary for the performance and improvement of the services provided and are stored for statistical purposes and for the improvement of this website.

Your personal information is collected by ethical and legal means and stored in accordance with strict confidentiality and security standards and is accessible only by authorized and qualified personnel for their adequate use.

This information is not passed on to third parties unless expressly authorized by you or by law, nor used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

Occasionally, B3 may use any computerized means, in the form of cookies or similar files, in order to improve the navigation of visitors to this website.

Cookies are small files that track movements within websites, such as visits to specific pages, to optimize your navigation. Cookies do not store personal information you have provided and do not collect information recorded on your computer.

You may at any time use your browser's capabilities to block the installation of cookies or to be informed when they are enabled.

B3 guarantees security of access and use of this website through data encryption.

Intellectual property protection

All content on this website, such as information, materials, instruments, graphs and charts, belong to B3 or to third parties who have assigned their right of use.

B3 secures protection of the information contained on this website through the laws and regulations that govern copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Visitors to this website may use the data available on these pages for personal use only. This does not imply transfer of ownership over any software or content made available. It is not allowed to reproduce, modify, transmit, market, lease, publish, distribute, or any other means of use for commercial purposes, part or all of the content of this website, in any form or by any means, without prior written authorization from B3.

Market Data Access (Quotes, indices and related news)

Except with B3’s prior and express written consent, in its own contractual instrument and in accordance with the guidelines of the policy then in effect disclosed by B3, it is not permitted to use Market Data Access for the purpose of preparation, creation, calculation or generation of any type of index, as well as financial instruments, securities (e.g., options and derivatives) for own or third parties' benefit.

The distribution, redistribution, transfer, transmission, retransmission, license, sublicense, lease, loan, sale, resale, recirculation, reformatting, publication, provision of autonomous data access and database evaluation or supply services, or provision of products to third parties through the full or partial availability of Data Access, are not allowed except by previous and express consent of B3.

In the event of breach of any of the above conditions, B3 may determine that the distributor of the Market Data Access immediately cancel its Data Access, and may use all of the mechanisms provided by law to cease said infringement.

Published indices

The indices, comprising their name and respective graphic representation ("INDICES") developed and published by B3, constitute the object of a request for registration or registration of ownership by B3, which is deposited or registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property.

B3 creates, maintains, compiles, calculates, sponsors and publishes the INDICES, by application of its own methods and criteria created, developed and employed through the expenditure of considerable work, time, effort and material resources, whereas such INDICES and any other rights, including intellectual property rights related to them, belong exclusively to B3 and may not be used in any way or by any means by third parties, unless previously authorized by B3 and formalized in a written document.

B3 is not liable for errors or delays in the provision or availability of the INDICES, or for any decisions made based on them.

Policy changes

The use and privacy policies set forth herein are subject to changes, at any time and without prior notice, due to changes in this website or other websites associated with it, to the use of new technologies, or whenever B3 deems necessary. Therefore, we recommend its periodic verification.

B3 reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change, suspend or cancel this service on the internet.

Please contact B3 if you have any questions or interest in further details and updates of these rules and regulations.


The content and materials made available on this website are solely for informational, explanatory and disclosure purposes, not constituting a referral, counselling and/or advice to assist in any decision-making and shall not mean any investment recommendation.

The rules and procedures mentioned are subject to change. It’s recommended the direct consultation to the most recent versions.
It is forbidden the use of data within this website for commercial purposes except with the prior written consent of B3.

B3 sets out in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the other conditions of use of its website.

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